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All material on the Clinical Toxinology Resources Website is copyright.

Most material is copyright to site staff, the Women’s & Children’s Hospital, or University of Adelaide. However some material, particularly photos of organisms, is copyright to the photographer or scientist who supplied us the image. The copyright owner is listed on the image and/or in the caption.

Please respect copyright. Do not take images, text or other material without permission. If you want to use an image, let us know, so we can put you in contact with the copyright owner. We don’t mind pages being printed out for personal use by subscribers; we realize how useful this may be if you are managing a case of envenoming or poisoning, where it is not practical to keep running back to the computer. We treat patients too, and want to help you with your cases; that’s why we built this site!

Stealing information, including text and images is a crime. If we discover anyone has taken or used our material, including text or images, without our written permission, we will seek legal redress. A number of processes used on this site may be subject to patents. Unauthorized use of these processes constitutes infringement of patent, for which we will seek legal redress.

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