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We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following to the content of the Clinical Toxinology Resources website:

FishBase - A global information system on fishes, which we encourage you to visit if you seek fish taxonomy or economic information.

Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit - A one-stop complete resource on Australian marine stingers (jellyfish), which we encourage you to visit if you seek information on general biology, research and first aid & safety.

The Conus Biodiversity Website and its author Prof Alan Kohn, who has allowed us to use his cone shell photos.

The Scorpion Fauna website and its author Eric Ythier, who has allowed us to use his scorpion photos.

The Scorpion Files website and its author Jan Ove Rein, who has allowed us to use his scorpion photos.

Alexander Westerström for his translations done for the Scorpions and Spiders sections.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens, for allowing access to their photos of poisonous plants.

The MycoKey website and its authors Thomas Læssøe, Jens H. Peterse & Jan Vesterholt, who have allowed us to use their mushroom photos from the website.

Dr. Pam Catcheside for her contributions to the Poisonous Mushrooms section.

We thank the following persons for allowing us to use their original photos and acknowledge their copyright:
Harry Ehmann Franck Principaud Dr Ian Whyte Dr Jamie Seymour (jellyfish) Shin Sugiyama (frogs)
Dr Mark Hutchinson Kate Sanders Dr Wolfgang Wuster Prof Alan Kohn (cone shells) Chris van der Lingen (frogs)
David Kirshner Peter Mirtschin Others* Mike Filmer (cone shells) Dr P. Temple-Smith (platypus)
Dr Anita Malhotra Aaron Fenner Jennifer Edalgo (shrew)
Prof Dietrich Mebs Mark Roggenkamp Thorke A.S. Østergaard* (weever) Markus Nolf (shrews)
Dr Jurg Meier Robert Eriksson Dr Wolfgang Wuster W. Schneider (weever) Robin Redfern (shrew)
Prof David Warrell   Eric Ythier Kato Koufoniss* (weever)
Dr Wolfgang Wuster   Jan Ove Rein Roberto Pillon* (weever) Poisonous Mushrooms (sub-page)
        Poisonous Plants (sub-page)

*Photos downloaded from Wikimedia Commons or other website are licensed for use under the Creative Commons licensing scheme, as shown in the caption to the image displayed on