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  Advantages of Subscription to Clinical Toxinology Resources Website
Advantages of Subscription

Thinking of subscribing to the Clinical Toxinology Resources Website? Subscribers become part of a global community of people interested in clinical toxinology, venoms and toxins, and venomous and poisonous organisms. The Subscriber section of the site offers far more data per species record than available to non-subscribers.

What's available to Subscribers

Increased coverage

For each organism record, there are a series of pages:
"General Information" (covers the same data as on the non-subscribers page for that species record)
"Taxonomy & Biology" (covers detail on taxonomic description, including full scale counts for snakes, plus some general biology and more detailed distribution maps)
"Venom" (covers venom in detail, based on available information; many species have not had their venom examined, so they will not have venom data)
"Clinical Effects" (covers known or expected clinical effects from envenoming or poisoning, including a detailed summary of expected clinical findings and summaries of case reports from the literature; the latter can be extensive, covering many pages)
"Treatment" (covers the approach to treating envenoming or poisoning by the specific organism)
"First Aid" (covers first aid for bites/stings/poisoning by specific organism)
"Antivenom" (lists available antivenoms for the particular organism, in full detail, including all known contact details for the producer)

An example sample page for you to view is available here, based on the Australian tiger snake record. Please note that the formatting on this sample page is different from the way it appears for Subscribers, because this page is "flat html", whereas the pages viewed by Subscribers are dynamically generated, on demand, from our database system. Similarly, the linkages shown on this sample page do not work, unlike the "live" Subscriber" version. However, this sample page will give you an indication of how much data we can include for each record, where such information is available.

What each Subscriber gets is access to a continually updated, multi-volume colour textbook that is searchable and never goes out of date!

More powerful searching

Another area of the site which is much better for Subscribers is the search system. Non-subscribers can search only on the organism name (common or scientific) and country/region. Subscribers have far more search options. One of these is the diagnostic search. This allows search based on clinical findings, which can be limited by also stipulating country, if desired.

Increased opportunity to participate

Subscribers can also contribute to the site by logging reports of actual cases of envenoming/poisoning they have treated. This case information is stored off-line and does not appear on the site. We use this information to help update individual organism records, where case reports show new clinical or treatment information.

We hope to welcome you as a new Subscriber member of our global community!

The Clinical Toxinology Resources Website Team

How to subscribe

Payment is no longer required, but subscription entails submission of a completed registration form.

Click here to download the form.