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Pseudophryne corroboree

Family: Myobatrachidae

Genus: Pseudophryne

Species: corroboree

Common Names

Corroboree Frog , Corroboree Toadlet , Southern Corroboree Frog




Species Distribution Map

Taxonomy and Biology

Adult length: 30mm


Entire dorsal surface ( including arms, legs, fingers and toes ) is bright yellow with irregular black, longitudinal stripes on the head and body that are often broken, fused or separate into two stripes. The pattern is continued onto the flanks, arms and legs but usually with an increased frequency of transverse stripes forming interconnecting stripes and bright yellow ( or greenish yellow ) rounded spots. Ventral surface and throat is marbled or mottled with black and white or black and yellow.


No information available


At elevations above 1000 metres in alpine sphagnum bogs in wet sclerophyll forest near creeks and marshes.


No information available

Poison Activity

Poison Type: Pumiliotoxins, Pseudophryamines



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